GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

What happens if I want to order more than 1 TB of data?

A maximum total order size of 1 TB per user is allowed at any time of the order processing (between placing the order and availability on the CM SAF data server). Users who want to order more than 1 TB of data need to split the required data volume accordingly. As long as the active orders stay below a total amount of 1 TB new orders can be placed. When placing the order in the order cart, the file size is checked against the maximum order size and the already ordered data volume. Information will be provided at all times during the ordering process. As soon as an order has been processed, the data amount of the active requests is adjusted accordingly and users can place new orders. However, it is highly recommended to download the previously placed order(s) before submitting a new order, as there is still a time limit of 14 days for the download of the orders.

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