GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

Where do I get latitude/longitude information for my ordered products?

CM SAF provides latitude and longitude information for the product group "operational" products in their original resolution on the CM SAF webpage. Please check on for the files matching your chosen area and resolution. On the same page land/sea mask and elevation maps are available for most of these areas as well. If you changed the format from HDF5 to netcdf in your order and/or selected a sub-region or different resolution of the product for your order, the corresponding latitude and longitude information are included as additional fields in the netcdf-files. If you order products of the product group "Climate Data Sets," the latitude and longitude information is already included in the provided netcdf-files. In case of ordering a sub-area of the climate data sets and/or changing the resolution the matching latitude/longitude information is given in the product files in the same way as for the operational products.

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