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I have a standing order but did not get data. What happened?

There are several possible explanations why you did not receive data:
1) Our operational products are processed in an off-line mode and our Service Specifications allow 2-4 months to generate the products. We try to distribute the data as quickly as possible after the day of observations, but sometimes we need to make use of the maximum time delay due to different reasons. If you see an even longer delay of data delivery please check our Service Messages and the Product availability status on our webpage, where we annonunce issues of delay in data distribution.
2) If you find a data gap in the time series of your standing order this might also be due to unavailability of required input data. Information on known data gaps can be found in the detail section of your ordered product in the WUI. Additionally, the reason for the gaps and the information whether the gap in the time series can be closed is given in the list of Known product disruptions on our webpage.
3) Your standing order is valid for the most recent version of the product valid at the day you set up the standing order. In case of an update of the product, which involves a new version number of the product, your order process is not valid any more and we ask you to re-new your standing order for the requested product if you would like to receive the updated product. Updates of version number are announced via our Service Messages on our webpage or you could check via the Web User Interface.
4) A number of environmental data records have been discontinued and are no longer processed at CM SAF for different reasons, e.g., with the start of CDOP-2 and CDOP-3, respectively. More information on discontinued products can be found via the Service Messages as well as via the following two pages: Change Log and Available products.

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