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Release of CM SAF TCDR CLAAS-2.1: The CLAAS-2.1 record provides cloud properties derived from the SEVIRI sensor onboard METEOSAT second generation (MSG) satellites from 2004-2017. For more information and data ordering click on the picture

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The CM SAF Web User Interface (WUI) helps users to search and order products online.

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Our service messages provide operational information about e.g. release of new products, updates, product unavailability, detected or expected anomalies, warnings, etc.

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The Help Desk co-ordinates the provision of information and services to CM SAF users, as well as the response to requests and questions.

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The CM SAF R TOOLBOX is an easy-to-use tool to prepare, analyze and visualize CM SAF NetCDF data. The Toolbox comes as part of the cmsaf R-package, which is a collection of more than 60 functions for analysis and manipulation of CM SAF NetCDF formatted data. The CM SAF R Toolbox is based on an R-shiny graphical user interface, which guides through all options. Thus, no R or scripting experience is needed.

The cmsaf R-package can be downloaded for free from CRAN here. For an easy start with the CM SAF R Toolbox we prepared some information material:

As the latest version of the cmsaf R-package (2.0.1) and the corresponding Toolbox version are not completely backward compatible, we still provide the version 1.9.5 including the known folder structure. This version includes some example data (.tar-file and R-Instat .Rdata-file) of small size to test the functionalities of the Toolbox.

In case that a question or problem can not be solved by help of the manual or the cmsaf R-package documentation contact the CM SAF User Help Desk (

General information on R can be found here:

TOOLBOX overview TOOLBOX overview TOOLBOX overview

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