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No. 132: AVHRR-based EDR products: Anomaly of Metop-A satellite affecting products ( time period 30 Jul – 6 Aug 2019)

On 30 July 2019 at 11:54 UTC, an anomaly occurred on the Metop-A spacecraft, impacting among others the AVHRR instrument and data were unavailable from this instrument. During 6 August the service was resumed by EUMETSAT.

The anomaly affects the AVHRR-based EDR products CFC, COT, CPH, CTH, CTP, CTT, CWP, SAL and SIS:
The CM SAF EDR products are usually based on data from AVHRR onboard NOAA-19 and Metop-A. During the above time period only data from one satellite was available and therefore the daily products for CFC, CPH, CTH, CTP, CTT, and SIS as well as the weekly mean for SAL are based on a reduced set of input data affecting the quality of the products. COT and CWP could not be processed for the time period 31 July – 5 August 2019 and are based on a reduced amount of input data for 30 July 2019 and 6 August 2019 due to the missing input data. Users should be aware that also the respective monthly mean products for July and August 2019 are based on a reduced amount of data.

CM SAF is currently working on an extension of the CLARA-A2 record and the transition to an Interim Climate Data Record based on the algorithms of CLARA-A2, which will replace above EDR products. More information on these products will be released in a separate service message in due time.

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