GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

No. 131: Change in availability of selected SEVIRI-based environmental data records via the CM SAF Web User Interface

For a lot of our Environmental Data records (EDRs) CM SAF now provides Thematic Climate Data Records (TCDRs) and (partly) Interim Climate Data Records (ICDRs) with a better quality in coverage, algorithmic and accuracy. It is highly recommended to use these TCDRs and ICDRs. As a first step and in order to help our users to identify the most recent several CM SAF EDR products based on SEVIRI data or merged SEVIRI+AVHRR data will only be made available on request only from now on. A detailed list of the affected products can be found here (PDF, 60KB, Barrier-free file).

Information on these products will remain available on the CM SAF webpage (e.g. change log, documentation).

Users are advised to order the respective TCDR and ICDR products instead of the listed EDR products. In case you need access to these older EDR product versions, please contact the CM SAF User Help Desk via .

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