GSB 7.1 Standardlösung


The following pages provide the opportunity to search and order CM SAF products via the Web User Interface (WUI) and to get detailed information about these products. The data provision is free of charge.

Available Products shows the list of existing CM SAF products with links to example figures and inform the user on product status and availability.

Latest images displays a selection of the latest images from of our three continuously produced ICDR product families.

Product Monitoring presents the current status of the availability of operational CM SAF products.

Ordering and Data Access provides the Link to the CM SAF Web User Interface. This service will help the user to search and order products online. The products are distributed via temporary FTP-Access, CD, DVD or e-mails (small data amounts only). To get access to the ordering the user registration is mandatory.

Service Messages presents additional information about the CM SAF products like availability, anomalies, errors, changes or announcements of new products.

Change Log gives information on changes in the operational processing of CM SAF products and describes the versioning approach of the system.

In Known Product Disruptions the data gaps of CM SAF products are listed taking into account the reason of disruption and the possibility of recovery.

The document Naming Convention describes the several identifier of the CM SAF product file names. It will allow users easier identify the meta data of the products.

CM SAF products are available covering different areas in different spatial resolution. The Auxiliary Data section provides files for download holding the following information a) latitude and longitude, b) the elevation, c) fraction of land (FOL) and water (FOC) as well as a Land/Sea mask.

Add on Products are provided to the user in addition to the official CM SAF products. They cover different application areas and facilitate the analysis of the CM SAF products and the climate system.

By means of different Tools CM SAF products can be visualised and analysed. Furthermore conversion software is provided to be able to handle the CM SAF data formats.

NaS / June2022

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