GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

Product Monitoring

The following tables show the current status of the availability of operational CM SAF ICDR products based on SEVIRI and AVHRR data.


The following tables show the processing status of SEVIRI-based ICDR products. The availability is shown separately for the ICDRs from SARAH-3 and CLAAS-3


ICDR from CLAAS-3:


The following table shows the processing status of AVHRR-based ICDR products from CLARA A3.

Colour code:

redProduct generation out of Service Specification (SeSp)
orangeProduct generation reaching timeliness threshold in Service Specification (SeSp) (CLAAS-3 only)
greenproduct generation within Service Specification (SeSp)

Further explanations:

  1. CTO comprises the CTT, CTH and CTP products
  2. CFC, CTO and SAL from AVHRR are available for global as well as for Northern and Southern Polar areas, all other for global coverage only
  3. The given date (in format yyyymmdd) is the date of the latest available product. In case the specifications are not fulfilled the date is given as *yyyymmdd*

NaS / May2023

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