GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

Available Products

The CM SAF data products are categorized in operational monitoring products obtained in near real time and retroactively produced data records based on carefully intersensor calibrated radiances.

Operational monitoring products are disseminated with high timeliness (typically within a few days after observation) to support operational climate monitoring application (e.g. used by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services). Due to the inhomogeneity caused by the timeliness requirement these products may not be suitable for monitoring of inter-annual variability and trends with high confidence. Bias errors due to shift of equator overpass times and orbit height decay as well as instrument caused inter-satellite biases are not corrected for the operational monitoring product. However, the characterisation of significant anomalies on monthly scale is possible.

The retroactive generation of data records is targeted on the provision of homogenous sets of high-quality data to investigate climate variability and long-term changes in the climate mean state. This will be achieved by minimising the above described errors.

The products can be ordered via the Web User Interface (WUI).

NaS / June2022

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