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SCOPE-CM (Sustained and COordinated Processing of Environmental satellite data for Climate Monitoring) is a network of agencies and operators of environmental satellite systems and interfaces with WMO, WCRP, GCOS, CGMS, CEOS and GEO. It offers its support to coordinate and facilitate international activities to generate CDR from multi-agency satellite data.
Within SCOPE-CM, the contributing organisations coordinate their scientific and technical development activities, and cooperate on the basis of shared and distributed responsibilities for the generation of global products.
The SCOPE-CM network was established in November 2008. The participating organisations include the operators of operational satellites: EUMETSAT, China Meteorological Administration, Japanese Meteorological Agency and NOAA.

SCOPE-CM Projects

Dedicated SCOPE-CM projects are conducted by international consortia and aim to bring specific CDR capabilities to a sustainable level. The main focus is on Climate Data Records (CDR) capabilities that explicitly benefit from multi-national and inter-organisational coordination and cooperation among the participating organisations and agencies.

SCM-01Sustained generations of upper tropospheric humidity Climate Data Records from multiple sensors with multi-agency cooperation*
SCM-02Multiplatform surface albedo demonstrator from polar-orbiting satellites**
SCM-03Land surface albedo from geostationary satellites (LAGS)*
SCM-04Utility of Satellite derived winds for Monsoon and Cyclone studies over Indian region
SCM-05Advancing the status of the AVHRR FCDR**
SCM-06Inter-calibration of passive imager observations from time-series of geo stationary satellites (IOGEO)*
SCM-07Liquid Water Path and Rain Water Path Climatologies in the GPM era*
SCM-08Radio occultation based gridded climate data sets (RO-CLIM)
SCM-09Sustained production of the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) cloud products
SCM-10Atmospheric Motion Vectors and Clear/All Sky Radiances from historical meteorological satellites in geostationary and polar orbit
CM SAF involvement
CM SAF is involved in 6 out of the above listed 10 SCOPE-CM projects (marked with “*”) and leads two of them (marked with “**”).

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