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Processing Centres

The operational products of the CM SAF are generated at the processing centre at Deutscher Wetterdienst

  • using resources at the European Centre for Medium Weather Forecast (ECMWF) for the CM SAF Environmental Data Records (EDR) and
  • the processing for the Interim Climate Data Records (ICDR) being done by the EUMETSAT Secretariat
  • Parts of the pre- and post-processing of the data as well as the order handling is done at Deutscher Wetterdienst.

The production of long time series of Fundamental (FCDR) and Thematic Climate Date Records (TCDR) is done at different sites, depending on used input data and available computer facilities, namely at

  • Deutscher Wetterdienst (using resources at ECMWF),
  • UK MetOffice and
  • MeteoSwiss.

The table below shows the different processing tasks of these centres:

Processing centreProduct GroupType of parameters
Deutscher WetterdienstEDRcloud, surface radiation
TCDRcloud, surface radiation, top of atmosphere radiation, precipitation, turbulent energy fluxes
FCDRmicrowave radiances
UK MetOfficeTCDRUpper tropospheric humidity
MeteoSwissTCDRland fluxes
EUMETSAT SecretariatICDRcloud, surface radiation

Processing Centres Processing Centres Processing Centres Source: CM SAF

All products are stored in the central archive of DWD.

Acknowldegement is made for the use of ECMWF computing and archive facilities.

NaS / June2018

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