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At its 32nd Meeting on 3-5 December 1996 EUMETSAT Council decided to nominate the DWD as host for the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility dedicated to Climate Monitoring.

In 1999 a 5 year project started to set up the basic infrastructure for the CM SAF, followed by an Initial Operations Phase (2004-2007). Afterwards the CM SAF went into the Continuous Development and Operations Phase (CDOP), which is approved in five-yearly segments by the EUMETSAT Council.
CM SAF is currently in the 3rd CDOP phase running from March 2017 to February 2022.

History_Phasen PP (Project Phase), IOP (Initial Operations Phase), CDOP (Continuous Development and Operations Phase)

The objectives of the CM SAF during CDOP--Continuous Development and Operations Phase-3 are i.a.:

  • Production of Environmental Data Records (EDR) and Interim Climate Data Records (ICDR) in an operational off-line mode;
  • Develop, generate and support the generation of Fundamental Climate Date Records (FCDR);
  • Development and generation of long term homogeneous Thematic Climate Data Records (TCDR) for Essential Climate Variables (ECV) related to the energy and water cycle);
  • Extension of spatial coverage from regional to global where appropriate;
  • Facilitate and support an improved understanding of the energy and water cycle with new products;
  • Continue the support for the user community, including training using the products for climate monitoring and climate research.

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