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5th User Workshop 2019

Ahrens, B.Comparison of water fluxes in ERA-Interim Reanalysis, HOAPS, and COSMO-CLM data
Akkermans, T.Developing an AVHRR-based CDR of TOA radiative fluxes within the CMSAF Project
Andersson, A.The DWD Marine Data Centre: Marine in-situ observations for calibration and validation of satellite data
Babar, B.CLARA-A2 dataset: Improvements and shortcomings in high latitude regions
Benas, N.Changes in cloud properties over southern China from CLARA-A2 and MODIS data records
Bento, Virgílio A.An assessment of the contribution of moisture (VCI) and temperature (TCI) condition to vegetation health index (VHI)
Bojanowski, J.METEOSAT observations of diurnal variation of cloud fractional cover
Cloché, S.Global 1°/1 day accumulated precipitation TCDR product: a future climate data record at CM SAF
Collier, T.Uses of satellite data within the GloSea Ocean and Sea-ice Analysis at the UK Met Office
Coopman, Q.Thermodynamic phase transition analysis by cloud tracking
Dewitte, S.Decadal variations of the Earth Energy Imbalance
Drücke, J.Climatological analysis of the solar and wind energy potential in Germany and Europe
Duguay-Tetzlaff, A.TCDR Land Flux
Eliasson, S.The CMSAF CLARA-A2 simulator
Fennig, K.A Fundamental Climate Data Record of Microwave Imager Radiances
Gierens, K.Determination and significance of upper-tropospheric humidity (UTH) from infrared radiances
Good, L.Upper Troposheric Humidity Climate Data Record
Grebesh, E.Illuminance modelling over Baltic region using satellite data
Gutenstein, M.A comparison of HOAPS-4 and other global latent heat flux products with associated uncertainties
Kaiser, J. Thematic and Interim Climate Data Records from the CM SAF
Kallio-Myers, V.Comparison of AROME-Arctic and Satellite-Derived Sea Ice Albedo
Karlsson, K.-G.CLARA-A3: New features and improvements in the next cloud, albedo and radiation climate data record based on 42 years of AVHRR data
Kimani, S. Modelling satellite climate based parameters for management of pastures and water resources in pastoral areas of Kenya
Kothe, S.The CM SAF R Toolbox
Kouki, K.Intercomparison of Snow Melt Onset Date Estimates from Optical and Microwave Satellite Instruments over the Northern Hemisphere for the Period 1982-2015
Kozjek, K. "Spatial climatology of surface solar radiation in Slovenia based on satellite and in-situ measurements"
Linnerts, S. Analysis of Sunshine Data in All six Climatological Regions of South Africa and Validation of CMSAF Sunshine Data Set
Manninen, T."Monitoring changes in forestry and seasonal snow using surface albedo during 1982–2016 as an indicator"
Masukwedza, G.On the application of CM SAF data: A case study of Zimbabwe
Mayer, A.Providing satellite-based Climate Data - Records to the Copernicus Climate Data Store
Meirink, J.Towards the third edition of the CM SAF MSG-SEVIRI-based cloud property climate data record CLAAS
Montero Martín, J.Comparison of solar radiation from CM SAF satellite products with ground-based data at the Iberian Peninsula for the period 1985-2015
Moutier, W.
Regional Land Fluxes TCDR within the EUMETSAT Climate Monitoring SAF: Evapotranspiration and Latent and Sensible Heat Fluxes.
Musial, J. VEOR probabilistic cloud mask – a prototype for the generation of the CM SAF climate data records
Nita, I.-A.Validating fractional cloud cover from CLARA-A 2 in Europe
Pinnock, S.
ESA Climate Change Initiative
Rudan, N. The extreem weather in The Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000-2018 (Drought/floods)
Saunders, R.Assessment of the CM SAF Upper Tropospheric Humidity (UTH) climate data record from microwave sounders
Schröder, M.Satellite-based ocean-atmosphere parameters and fluxes: HOAPS-4.0
Schröder, M. The GEWEX water vapor assessment (G-VAP)
Schwarz, M.
From point to area: assessing the spatiotemporal representativeness of monthly in-situ global radiation records from CM-SAF SIS data.
Sikorski, T. A Quality Controlled Geo-Ring Archive
Stengel, M.HECTOR - 35 years of cloud observations based on HIRS measurements
Träger-Chatterjee, C.Evolvements of EUMETSAT Climate Training Activities
Trentmann, J.Surface Solar Radiation Data provided by SARAH
Tzallas, V.Intercomparison of CLARA-A2 and ISCCP-H cloud cover data sets and evaluation with ECA&D ground-based measurements over Europe
Urraca, R. BQC: a website to quality control solar radiation measurements using satellite-based databases
Vaquero-Martínez, J. Water vapor: climatology and trends in Iberia
Walawender, J.Consistency assessment of selected CM SAF solar radiation and cloud cover climate data records
Werscheck, M. CM SAF: Mission Statement & Rationale
Werscheck, M.
CM SAF: Overview
Young, M. Geostationary satellite observations of warm rain events over southern West Africa for climate monitoring and model evaluation
Zak, MGrosswetterlagen from the CM SAF point of view - study for the Czech Republic


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