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EUMETSAT Short Course Series

In 2020 EUMETSAT started a series of online short courses on data discovery for weather, oceanography, air quality and climate. A typical online short course consist of a main session, which takes about one to two hours. During the main session, experts present the main topic, followed by a Q & A session via tools like slido. Some courses provide hands-on exercises, which consist of an introduction, followed by a phase, where the participants work on their own, and a feedback session, which might be a few days later. Most of the climate related courses made use of the CM SAF R Toolbox for the hands-on exercises.

A big advantage of online training is the accessibility to a wider audience and the possibility to record a sessions for a later online access. All records and some accompanying material are provide on the respective course websites.

So far, CM SAF supported the following online short courses:

December 2021Coding for EO (Python & R)
June 2021A Climate Data Record of Soil moisture in the root zone
May 2021Exploring the EUMETSAT Land-Surface Temperature Data Records
Feb 2021Applications of R-Instat to analyse and validate satellite based climate time series
Jan 2021Learn to use an R-based toolbox to analyse climate time series - Basics
Oct 2020A climate data record of "sunshine", SARAH

For some examples of results from participants of our online short courses, you might have a look at the CM SAF Padlet Website.

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