Solar Atlas Poland

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Solar Atlas Poland Climate solar atlas for Poland based on CM SAF SARAH data records implemented by IMGW-PIB in collaboration with LVĢMC, LHMT and ESTEA|Riigi Ilmateenistus.

Presentation "Solar Atlas" from Jakub Walawender (.mp4)
Presentation "Solar Atlas" from Jakub Walawender (PDF, 3MB, Not barrier-free file.)

Solar Atlas for the Baltic Region

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Solar Atlas for the Baltic Region Climate solar atlas for the Baltic Republics based on CM SAF SARAH data records implemented by LVĢMC, LHMT and ESTEA|Riigi Ilmateenistus in collaboration with IMGW-PIB.

For more information on the project and the generation of these atlases please see the corresponding EUMETSAT Case Study:

DWD Solar Energy

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DWD Solar Energy The Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) provides monthly maps of the surface solar radiation (global, direct, and diffuse) based on the DWD surface measurements and the operational CM SAF surface radiation data set.

WMO Regional Climate Monitoring RA VI

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WMO Regional Climate Monitoring RA VI The WMO RA VI Regional Climate Center (RCC) provides climate monitoring information based on surface and satellite data records. To deliver information on the cloud coverage, the surface solar radiation, the integrated water vapor, and the surface albedo the RCC uses climate data records and operational data from the CM SAF.

Probability of Sunny Days

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Probability of Sunny Days The likelihood of a certain day in the year being sunny or being part of a sunny period is provided for selected cities worldwide. This information is based on the SARAH and the CLARA climate data records.

Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS), EU-JRC

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Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS), EU-JRC The PV GIS system of the EU-Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy provides information (maps and climatological time series) of the potential energy yield from photovoltaic systems; the location, size and orientation of the PV system can be selected. This service is based on data from the CM SAF SARAH data record and from the operational surface radiation data set.

Image / Video 7 / 11 allows to run simulations of the hourly power output from wind and solar power plants located anywhere in the world. For Europe, the data from the CM SAF SARAH data record is used.

Data Merging

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Data Merging In this presentation Jakub Walawender presents two activities on the spatial prediction of solar UV radiation and sunshine duration using the CM SAF SARAH data record.

Presentation "Data Merging"

African Surface Solar Radiation Climatology

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African Surface Solar Radiation Climatology This visualisation showcases the CM SAF SARAH climate data record and shows the average surface solar radiation from 1983 to 2013 of areas in central and southern Africa. The SARAH climate data record provides continental scale coverage at a high spatial resolution allowing the monitoring of local variability.

AtlasSolar Kazakhstan

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AtalsSolar Kazakhstan The Atlas of Solar Resources of Kazakhstan has been created within the frame- work of the Project of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Energy and United Nations Develop-ment Program "Providing Assistance to the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan to Implement the Green Economy Transition Concept of Republic of Kazakhstan and Institutionalize the Green Bridge Partnership Programme". Among other sources also the CM SAF CLARA-A2 SIS climate data record and the SARAH-E data record are used to provide information on the climatological spatial and temporal variability of surface solar radiation in Kazakhastan.

C3S Monthly Climate Reports

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C3S Monthly Climate Reports The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) provides monthly report of the European State of the Climate: For the documentation of the cloudiness and the surface solar radiation CM SAF data are being used.