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New Climate Data Record available: 32-years of top of atmosphere radiation parameters from Meteosat MVIRI and SEVIRI

It is our pleasure to announce the release of a new CM SAF data record of Top of Atmosphere (TOA) radiation based on the METEOSAT MVIRI and SEVIRI instruments. The data record is available free of charge via the Web User Interface and is provided in a user friendly NetCDF data format.

The MVIRI/SEVIRI data record provides a homogeneous satellite-based climatology of the TOA Reflected Solar (TRS) and Emitted Thermal (TET) radiation. The record extends from February 1983 to April 2015. The TOA radiation products are provided as daily means, monthly means and monthly averages of the hourly integrated values (diurnal cycle). The data record is of particular interest to study the climate variability in the METEOSAT field of view. The excellent temporal resolution (30 minutes /15 minutes) is a step forward to increase the knowledge of the diurnal cycle.
Combining the MVIRI and SEVIRI instruments on board the METEOSAT first and second generations of satellites allows covering a large period of time with an unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. Long-term data records are an essential prerequisite for climate monitoring. The MVIRI/SEVIRI data record of TOA radiation covers a time period longer than 30 years, complementing the data provided by the GERB and CERES missions.
The data record is also featured by an excellent spatial sampling with data provided on a regular grid at a spatial resolution of 0.05°x0.05° (i.e. about (5.5x5.5) km²) and covering the region between ± 70° longitude and ± 70° latitude. Such a fine resolution is particularly useful for analysing the small-scale spatial variations of radiation. The chosen resolution also ensures a strong synergy with the CM SAF SARAH, CLAAS-2 and upcoming MVIRI/SEVIRI based climate data record releases (CM SAF SARAH-2, CFC and LST data).

Figure 1 and Figure 2, respectively, show the longterm average (1983-2015) of the ToA Reflected Solar (TRS) and Emitted Thermal (TET) radiation from the MVIRI/SEVIRI data record.

TRS ToA Reflected Solar (TRS) Figure 1: Long-term average (1983-2015) of TRS Source: CM SAF

TET ToA Emitted Thermal (TET) Radiation Figure 2: Long-term average (1983-2015) of TET Source: CM SAF

More information on the data record is available from the DOI page
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