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SEVIRI cloud properties CLAAS-2.1 data record

The CLAAS-2.1 record provides cloud properties derived from the SEVIRI sensor onboard METEOSAT second generation (MSG) satellites. This first update of the second edition features a temporal extension by two years (the record is now covering 2004-2017) and a bugfix for the monthly CTO products. As for previous editions of CLAAS, the solar SEVIRI channels of MSG-1, MSG-2 and MSG-3 were intercalibrated with MODIS Aqua before applying the cloud retrievals. CLAAS-2.1 features the following cloud properties: cloud mask/type, cloud top temperature/pressure/height, cloud phase as well as cloud microphysical properties such as optical thickness, effective droplet radius and cloud water path. The data are available on native SEVIRI resolution, i.e. 15 minutes repeat cycle and 3km (nadir) spatial resolution. In addition, spatio-temporal averages of the cloud properties are included: Daily and monthly averages and monthly histograms on a 0.05° x 0.05° grid as well as monthly mean diurnal cycles on a 0.25° x 0.25° grid. The results of the comprehensive evaluation conducted for CLAAS-2 remain valid for CLAAS-2.1. With CLAAS-2.1, regional and large scale cloud processes at temporal scales of minutes to years can be studied.

CLAAS-2.1 DOI: 10.5676/EUM_SAF_CM/CLAAS/V002_01

CLAAS_Table CLAAS_Table Source: CM SAF

MSt / May2020

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