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Basic Climate Analysis Using the CM SAF R Toolbox

An e-learning module on the application of CM SAF data records using the CM SAF R Toolbox was published on the MedEd* website :

With the support of EUMETSAT and the CM SAF this lesson was developed to provide an overview of the satellite-based climate data records (CDRs) generated by the CM SAF and how they can be used to support climate applications. The training module explains how to obtain a CDR from the CM SAF and how to apply the CM SAF R Toolbox). An exercise of a hypothetical astronomical observatory installation is used to showcase the Toolbox’s application in performing statistical analyses and generating areal and location-specific data plots. Finally, a case study of the 2003 European heat wave tests the learner’s understanding of how to use the Toolbox for data analysis.

The lesson takes about 45 minutes and is an excellent start for all people who are new in using CM SAF data records or the CM SAF R Toolbox.

Figure 1. The CM SAF R Toolbox can be used to prepare, analyse and visualize CM SAF data records.

* The MetEd website (maintained by the UCAR COMET® program) provides education and training resources to benefit the operational forecaster community, university scientists and students, and anyone interested in learning more about meteorology, weather, and related geoscience topics.

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