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Sunny 2018: New record of sunshine duration for Germany reached on 25 Nov 2018!

The analysis shown in the article “Sunny 2018” has been repeated for the area of Germany: On 25 November 2018 a new record for the sunshine duration was reached with 2083 hours since the beginning of this year. This is longer than during any entire previous year since 1983.

The second highest value is found for the year 2003 with 2081 hours (1 Jan – 31 Dec 2003). The analysis is based on the extended SARAH-2 TCDR (extension for 2016-2017 planned to become available in December 2018) and the sunshine duration based on the respective ICDR for the time period 1 Jan - 25 Nov 2018.

On the left hand of the animation the development of the sunshine duration in 2018 (red line) is shown compared to the climatology of the time period 1983-2017 (black line) together with the values of the respective individual years (grey lines). The right hand side shows the development of the absolute anomaly in hours for the time period 1 Jan – 25 Nov 2018.

NaS / Nov2018

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