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Availability of new SARAH-E data set, covering the Indian Ocean and surroundings

We are happy to announce the availability of a new data set called 'SARAH-E' (Surface Solar Radiation Data Set – Heliosat, East), which has been generated in close cooperation between the CM SAF and the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy.

SARAH-E is based on the METEOSAT Indian Ocean Data Coverage Imagery data and is available from 1999 to 2015, excluding 2006. The quality of the SARAH-E climate data record is comparable to the quality of the SARAH data record; identical satellite retrieval algorithms have been applied for the generation of those data records. SARAH-E provides the global (SIS), the direct (SID), and the normalized direct (DNI) surface solar radiation with a spatial resolution of 0.05° x 0.05° longitude/latitude and temporal resolutions ranging from monthly to daily and hourly, and covers the region 8°W to 128°E, 6S°S to 65°N. SARAH-E is suitable for the analysis of climate variability of surface solar radiation on various scales.


SIS, CM SAF, SARAH-E, 1999-2014 SIS, CM SAF, SARAH-E, 1999-2014 SIS, CM SAF, SARAH-E, 1999-2014 Source: CM SAF

UP / June2016

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