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Climatology of Sunny Days in Europe based on SARAH

The new CM SAF SARAH data set provides climate-quality data of the surface solar radiation from 1983 to 2013, i.e., for more than 30 years. This long term data record allows for climatological analyses of the surface solar radiation.

In cooperation with the University of Frankfurt, Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, the CM SAF has derived the climatological annual cycle of sunny days in Europe. For each day of the year the probability for a sunny day was calculated and is made available for selected European cities

For each city, this analysis indicates certain periods during the year with a higher or lower likelihood of being sunny than other periods. While on the shorter-term weather forecasts provide reliable information, this analysis provides information on the climatological expectations.

You can access the interactive map of European cities by clicking on the time series for Berlin (left figure) or via the following link: > Map sunny days

JT / Apr2015

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