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are pleased to announce the release of the CM SAF Land Surface Temperature Data Record SUMET :

DOI: 10.5676/EUM_SAF_CM/LST_METEOSAT/V001 SUMET provides satellite-based information of the temperatures of the top millimeter (or “skin”) of the land surface under clear sky conditions. SUMET is the first satellite-based LST climate data record which resolves the full diurnal LST cycle. It covers Africa and parts of Europe and South America back to 1991.


Based on inter-calibrated thermal radiances from Meteosat First and Second Generation satellites, the data record has an excellent decadal stability. It is therefore of particular interest to study climate variability of LST. Complementary to near surface air temperatures, it can also be used to augment station data in regions with a low station density. The data record includes two different LST products: the Statistical Land Surface Temperature product is characterized by the highest possible consistency with the operational LST data from the Land Surface Analysis Satellite Applications Facility (LSA SAF), while the Physical LST product ensures the highest possible precision through the implicit use of radiative transfer models. SUMET land surface temperatures are presented as hourly data and as monthly averaged diurnal cycle composites on a 0.05° x 0.05° latitude and longitude grid. The data record is available free of charge via the CM SAF Web User Interface and is provided in a user friendly NetCDF data format.

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