GSB 7.1 Standardlösung


All products provided by CM SAF are thoroughly reviewed by international experts and a comprehensive documentation is available, comprising i.a.:

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD)

Annual Validation Reports (AQARep)

Data Set Descriptions (DSD)

Operations Reports (OpsRep)

Product User Manuals (PUM)

Validation Reports (ValRep)

Visiting Scientist Reports (VSRep)

An overview of the specifications of all existing and planned products is provided in the
Product Requirements Document (PRD)
All available CM SAF products and services are summarized in the
Service Specification (SeSp)
The Requirements Review of the Upper Tropospheric Humidity Product performed in 2019 is available at
Requirements Review TCDR ERA_WV_T ed. 2 CM-14712 (Upper Tropospheric Humidity)
 (PDF, 2MB, Not barrier-free file.)

RH / Jan2021

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