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How to use CHARMe ?

The CHARMe Plugin is used to view and create annotations associated with ‘targets’ such as datasets. Typically, the way this works is that a small CHARMe icon appears next to the targets. A clear icon indicates that the CHARMe Plugin is available to create annotations, but that none currently exist. A blue filled icon indicates that annotations already exist for the target. As well as the CHARMe icon, a checkbox is also displayed for each target in order to allow selection of multiple targets. To view the annotations just click on a icon to start CHARMe.

The CHARMe Plugin has been testet in the following browsers, and is known to work under:

  • Mozilla Firefox >v25
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11

However, as with all browsers, it is strongly recommended that you use the latest version.

For more information on how to use CHARMe please have a look at this demo video or visit the CHARMe Homepage.

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