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Can I order sub-areas of the products or order data in a different projection?

CM SAF offers a basic set of conversions/transformations on its products by integrating some cdo functionalities into our Web User Interface. Besides the pure conversion of CM SAF HDF5-files into NetCDF format, we offer the opportunity for interpolation to a regular latitude/longitude grid and/or selection of sub-domains during the ordering process. A set of pre-defined areas for the CORDEX (COordinated Regional climate Downscaling Experiment) domains is available.When choosing one of these domains the products will be reprojected and interpolated to an equidistant latitude/longitude grid and restricted to a subdomain according to the CORDEX guidelines. The resulting output format is NetCDF with CF conventions. Please be aware that due to e.g. the size of the time series not all options might be available for your chosen product.

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