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Which tools can I use to visualise CM SAF products?

You can use any tool able to read the HDF5- or netcdf- format to visualize the CM SAF products. HDF5-files holding the latitude and longitude information of the different areas are available on our webpage Link. An IDL-based graphical user interface which can be used to display (most) CM SAF products is also provided via our webpage free of charge Link. A tutorial to the GUI is available. The software tool R can also be used to visualize and analyze CM SAF products. The ‘cmsaf’ R-package contains a collection of functions for basic analysis and manipulation of CM SAF netcdf formatted data. The package is part of the CM SAF R TOOLBOX, which consists of the ‘cmsaf’ R-package and a set of R-scripts, which are helpful to work with CM SAF netcdf data.

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