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The CM SAF R TOOLBOX can be used to prepare, analyze and visualize CM SAF NetCDF data. For this the CM SAF R TOOLBOX consists of prepared R-scripts, which require only few adaptations of file- and path names. Thus, no R or scripting experience is needed. After starting a script the user is guided through all options. The heart of the CM SAF R TOOLBOX is the ‘cmsaf’ R-package.
The ‘cmsaf’ R-package contains a collection of more than 50 functions for analysis and manipulation of CM SAF NetCDF formatted data. There are R-scripts, which help unexperienced R-users to apply easily the functions of the ‘cmsaf’ R-package.

The ‘cmsaf’ R-package can be downloaded here. For the CM SAF R TOOLBOX a small tutorial-video, a tutorial-pdf and a brief manual are available.

General information on R can be found here:

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