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Graphical User Interface (GUI) for CM SAF products

Here we provide an idl-based tool to display cloud and radiation products of CM SAF. The tool is based on IDL and can be used to display products on different comuter environments like LINUX, Windows and UNIX.
Currently the GUI has some difficulties displaying the CM SAF water vapour products. Improvements will be included in the next
release of the tool.
This tool is free of charge and comes as it is. The CM SAF can not take any warranty and responsibility for a running tool for all
conditions. We will distribute the idl-code on request (please contact: The CM SAF is interested in
your experiences with the tool and we will compile a list of currently observed (and fixed) problems if they are reported to us.
The complete GUI-file package (2.2MB zip)The complete GUI-file package
The GUI-manual for your information (400KB pdf)

RH / Jan2014

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