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CM SAF: Auxiliary Data

CM SAF products are available covering different areas in different spatial resolution. The auxiliary data section provides files
for download holding the following information
a) latitude and longitude,
b) the elevation,
c) fraction of land (FOL) and water (FOC) as well as a Land/Sea mask.

All hdf-files contain the information per pixel in the same projection as the corresponding CM SAF product. The information is
given for the centre coordinate of the pixel!
The metadata field contained in the filename of the product is given in the table below for easier identification of the correct
CM SAF full disc area
("MA") , 15 km x 15 km
spatial resolution,
sinusoidal projection
CM SAF full disk area,
CM SAF definition ("MD“),
satellite projection
CM SAF Baseline area
("CA"), 15 km x 15 km
spatial resolution,
sinusoidal projection
CM SAF baseline area
plus MSG disk and inner
arctic ("CD"), 45 km x 45
km spatial resolution,
sinusoidal projection
Global, 90km x 90km
spatial resolution in
cylindrical equal area
projection (reference
latitude 30° N)("GL")
CM SAF Inner Arctic Area
("IA"), 15 km x 15 km patial
resolution, Lambert Azimuthal Equal area projection
Below are the auxiliary data for several CM SAF Climate Data Records.
Data RecordFile
CLAAS-2Auxiliary data for Level 2 products
Auxiliary data for Level 3 products (0.05° x 0.05°)
Auxiliary data for Level 3 products (0.25°x0.25°)
SARAH-2Acquisition time difference for instantaneous products

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