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CM SAF: Water Vapour & Temperature

An optimal estimation technique (Li et al., 2000) is applied to data from the Advanced TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder (ATOVS) on board NOAA and MetOp satellites to retrieve the humidity and temperature profiles and total column integrated products (HSH, HLW, and HTW). Such products also contain number of observations and uncertainty measures and have global coverage, i.e., within ±180° longitude and ±80° latitude. They are available as daily and monthly averages in Behrmann cylindrical equal area projection with a spatial resolution of 90 km x 90 km.
Further details on the products in general, on retrieval details and physical basis as well as on quality can be found in the PUM

, the ATBD, and the .

The products can be ordered via the Web User Interface.

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