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The Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring (CM SAF) develops, produces, archives and disseminates satellite-data-based products in support to climate monitoring. The product suite mainly covers parameters related to the energy & water cycle and addresses many of the Essential Climate Variables as defined by GCOS (GCOS 138).

The CM SAF produces both Enviromental Data Records and Climate Data Records.

Environmental Data Records (EDR)
are time-tagged earth-located geophysical parameters produced from sensor data. EDRs are derived in low to medium latency not fulfilling strictest climate requirements.

Climate Data Records (CDR)
are time series of measurements of sufficient length, consistency, and continuity to determine climate variability and change.

The products are available at the Web User Interface.

Coverage CoverageCoverage

Temporal coverage of CDR Temporal coverage of CDRTemporal coverage of CDR

Overview of available and planned Climate Data Records from the CM SAF. The x-axis denotes the length of the time series. The y-axis shows the (planned) release date of the Climate Data Record.
The notion within each color bar describes (from left to right):

  • Main satellite data input and kind of Climate Data Record (FCDR, TCDR, ICDR, EDR)
  • Parameters included in data record
  • Geographical coverage

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