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A statistical retrieval (Schlüssel and Emery, 1990) is applied to data from the Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) on board DMSP satellites to retrieve total column integrated water vapour. This data set also contains number of observations and uncertainty measures and has global coverage, i.e., within ±180° longitude and ±80° latitude. The product is only defined over the ice-free ocean surface. It is available as daily and monthly averages on a regular latitude/longitude grid with a spatial resolution of 0.5° x 0.5°.
Further details on the products in general, on retrieval details and physical basis as well as on quality can be found in the PUM the ATBD and the .

The products can be ordered via the Web User Interface.

HOAPS Version History
Several versions of the HOAPS data set have been released since 1998. Apart from version 1, previous releases are still accessible. See ››Data Access for download instructions of the current and previous versions.

1 1998MPI-M/UniHHFirst release
22006MPI-M/UniHHNew retrievals, including homogenisation; Major software re-design
32007MPI-M/UniHHPrecipitation retrieval update; new SST data set
3.12009CM SAFWVPA only, including error estimates
3.22010CM SAF / MPI-M/UniHHreprocessed SSM/I input data, extended temporal coverage 1987-2008

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