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CM SAF: History

At its 32nd Meeting on 3-5 December 1996 EUMETSAT Council decided to nominate the DWD as host for the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility dedicated to Climate Monitoring.

In 1999 a 5 year project started to set up the basic infrastructure for the CM SAF, followed by an Initial Operations Phase in the years 2004 until early 2007.

In March 2007 the Continuous Development and Operations Phase started; this CDOP phase will end in February 2012. It is expected that a 2nd CDOP phase will be launched in March 2012 to continue the work of the CM-SAF.


The objectives of the CM SAF during CDOP are i.a.:

  • Continuation of routine productionin operational off-line mode (as of IOP)
  • Production of long homogeneous climatedata records (TCDR) for a couple of parameters based on fundamental radiance records (FCDR);
  • Extension of spatial coverage from regional to globalwhere appropriate;
  • Addition of products to facilitate an improved understanding of the energy and water cycle;
  • Enhance the support for the user community, including training using the products for climate monitoring and climate research.

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