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Related to CM SAF development and operations
Fennig, K., Schröder, M. and Andersson, A., 2014: The Fundamental Climate Data Record of SSM/I, GSICS, 8, 4,
Müller, R. W. and Träger-Chatterjee, Ch., 2014: Brief Accuracy Assessment of Aerosol Climatologies for the Retrieval of Solar
Surface Radiation, Atmosphere , 5(4), 959-972,
Schröder, M., Roca, R., Picon, L., Kniffka, A. and Brogniez, H., 2014: Climatology of free-tropospheric humidity: extension into the
SEVIRI era, evaluation and exemplary analysis, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, 11129-11148,
Related to CM SAF products/data usage
Amillo, A.G., Huld, T. and Müller, R., 2014: A New Database of Global and Direct Solar Radiation Using the Eastern Meteosat
Satellite, Models and Validation, Remote Sensing, 6(9), 8165-8189,
Brinckmann S., Trentmann J. and Ahrens B., 2014: Homogeneity Analysis of the CM SAF Surface Solar Irradiance Dataset
Derived from Geostationary Satellite Observations, Remote Sensing, 6, 352-378,
Cao, Y., S. Liang, X. Chen, and T. He, 2014: “Assessment of sea-ice albedo radiative forcing and feedback over the Northern
Hemisphere from 1982 to 2009 using satellite and reanalysis data”, J. Climate. 28(3):1248-1259.
Gaetani, M., Huld, T., Vignati, E., Monforti-Ferrario, F., Dosio, A. and Raes, F., 2014: The near future availability of
photovoltaic energy in Europe and Africa in climate-aerosol modeling experiments, ScienceDirect, 38, 706–716,
Hakuba, M. Z., Folini, D., Schaepman-Strub, G. and Wild, M., 2014: Solar absorption over Europe from collocated surface and
satellite observations, Journal of Geophysical Research, 119, 6, 3420–3437,
Hakuba, M. Z., Folini, D., Sanchez-Lorenzo, A. and Wild, M., 2014: Spatial representativeness of ground-based solar radiation
measurements—Extension to the full Meteosat disk, Journal of Geophysical Research, 119, 20, 11,760–11,771,
Hamann, U., Walther, A., Baum, B., Bennartz, R., Bugliaro, L., Derrien, M., Francis, P. N., Heidinger, A., Joro, S., Kniffka, A., Le
Gléau, H., Lockhoff, M., Lutz, H.-J., Meirink, J. F., Minnis, P., Palikonda, R., Roebeling, R., Thoss, A., Platnick, S., Watts, P. and
Wind, G., 2014: Remote sensing of cloud top pressure/height from SEVIRI: analysis of ten current retrieval algorithms, Atmospheric
Measurement Techniques, 7, 2839-2867,
He, T., Liang, S. and Song, D.-X., 2014: Analysis of global land surface albedo climatology and spatial-temporal variation during
1981–2010 from multiple satellite products, Journal of Geophysical Research, 119, 17, 10,281–10,298,
Kniffka, A., Stengel, M., Lockhoff, M., Bennartz, R. and Hollmann, R., 2014: Characteristics of cloud liquid water path from SEVIRI
onboard the Meteosat Second Generation 2 satellite for several cloud types, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 7, 887-905,
Koenigk, T., Devasthale, A. and Karlsson, K.-G., 2014: Summer Arctic sea ice albedo in CMIP5 models, Atmospheric Chemistry
and Physics, 14, 1987-1998,
Laine, V., Manninen, T. and Riihelä, A., 2014: High temporal resolution estimations of the Arctic sea ice albedo during the
melting and refreezing periods of the years 2003-2011, ScienceDirect, 140, 406-613,
Mieruch, S., Schröder, M., Noel, S. and Schulz, J., 2014: Comparison of decadal global water vapor changes derived from
independent satellite time series, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 119, 12,489–12,499,
Obregón, A., Nitsche, H., Körber, M., Kreis, A., Bissolli, P., Friedrich, K. and Rösner, S.,2014: Satellite-based climate information
within the WMO RA VI Regional Climate Centre on Climate Monitoring, Advances in Science and Research, 11, 25-33,
Träger-Chatterjee, Ch., Müller, R. W. and Bendix, J., 2014: Analysis and Discussion of Atmospheric Precursor of European Heat
Summers, Advances in Meteorology,
Werkmeister, A., Schrempf, M., Tohsing, K., Lockhoff,M., Liley, B. and Seckmeyer, G., 2014: Validation of CM SAF cloud
fractions: can cloud cover be reliably derived by satellite data at Hannover, Germany and Lauder, New Zealand? – a comment,
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 6, 11145-11179,

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