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Journal Articles 2013

Related to CM SAF development and operations
Dürr, B., Schröder M., Stöckli, R., and Posselt, R., 2013:
HelioFTH: combining cloud index principles and aggregated rating for cloud masking using infrared observations from
geostationary satellites, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 6, 1859-1898,
Greuell, W., Meirink, J. F. and Wang, P.2013:
Retrieval and validation of global, direct, and diffuse irradiance derived from SEVIRI satellite observations, J. Geophys. Res,
Karlsson, K.G., and Johansson, E., 2013:
On the optimal method for evaluating cloud products from passive satellite imagery using CALIPSO-CALIOP data: example
investigating the CM SAF CLARA-A1 dataset, AMT, 6, 1271-1286,
Karlsson, K.-G., Riihela, A., Müller, R., Meirink, J. F., Sedlar, J., Stengel, M., Lockhoff, M., Trentmann, J., Kaspar, F., Hollmann, R. and Wolters, E., 2013:
CLARA-A1: a cloud, albedo, and radiation dataset from 28 yr of global AVHRR data, ACP, 13, 5351–5367.
Krähenmann, S., Obregon, A., Müller, R., Trentmann, J. and Ahrens, B., 2013:
A Satellite-Based Surface Radiation Climatology Derived by Combining Climate Data Records and Near-Real-Time Data,
Remote Sensing, 5, 4693-4718.
Lockhoff, M., Zolina, O., Simmer, C. and Schulz, J., 2013:
Evaluation of satellite retrieved extreme precipitation over Europe using gauge observations, Journal of Climate.
Meirink, J.F., R.A. Roebeling, and P. Stammes, 2013:
Inter-calibration of polar imager solar channels using SEVIRI, Atm. Meas. Tech. Disc, 6, 3215-3247,
Mieruch, S., Schröder, M., Noel, S. and Schulz, J., 2013:
Global water vapor trends assessed from independent satellite time series, JGR.
Sanchez-Lorenzo, A., Wild, M. and Trentmann, J., 2013:
Validation and stability assessment of the monthly mean CM SAF surface solar radiation dataset over Europe against a
homogenized surface dataset (1983–2005), Remote Sensing of Environment, 134, 355–366,
Schröder, M., Gambacorta, A., Shi, L., Lockhoff, M., and Schulz, J., 2013:
The GEWEX water vapor ECV product assessment.
Related to CM SAF products/data usage
Antonanzas-Torres, F., Sanz-Garcia, A., Martínez-de-Pisón, F.J. and Perpiñán-Lamigueiro, O., 2013:
Evaluation and improvement of empirical models of global solar irradiation: Case study northern Spain, Renewable Energy,
60, 604-614.
Antonanzas-Torresa, F., Cañizaresb and F., Perpiñánc, O., 2013:
Comparative assessment of global irradiation from a satellite estimate model (CM SAF) and on-ground measurements
(SIAR): a Spanish case study, Science Direct, 21, 248–261,
Badescu, V., and Dumitrescu, A., 2013:
Comparative assessment of global irradiation from a satellite estimate model (CM SAF) and on-ground measurements
(SIAR): A Spanish case study, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 93, 100-109.
Daus, G., 2013:
Validation des latenten Wärmeflusses aus HOAPS in südlichen polaren Breiten, Diploma Thesis University Mainz, 98p.
Riihelä, A., Manninen, T., Laine, V., Andersson, K. and Kaspar, F., 2012:
CLARA-SAL: a global 28yr timeseries of Earth´s black sky surface albedo, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss, 12, 25573-25615,

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