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Journal Articles 2010

Related to CM SAF development and operations
Andersson, A., Fennig, K., Klepp, C., Bakan, S., Graßl, H. and Schulz, J., 2010:
The Hamburg Ocean Atmosphere Parameters and Fluxes from Satellite Data - HOAPS-3, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 2, 215-234
Andersson, A., Bakan, S. and Graßl, H., 2010:
Satellite derived North Atlantic precipitation variability and its dependence on the NAO index, Tellus A, 62(4), 453-468,
doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0870.2010.00458.x.
Dürr, B., Zelenka, A., Müller, R., and Philipona, R., 2010:
Verification of CM-SAF and MeteoSwiss satellite based retrievals of surface shortwave irradiance over the Alpine region,
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 31(15), 4179 – 4198
Hakala T., Suomalainen J., and Peltoniemi J.I., 2010:
Acquisition of Bidirectional Reflectance Factor Dataset Using a Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and a Consumer Camera,
Remote Sensing, 2(3), 819-832.
Karlsson, K.-G. and Dybbroe, A., 2010:
Evaluation of Arctic cloud products from the EUMETSAT Climate Monitoring Satellite Application Facility based on
CALIPSO-CALIOP observations, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 1789-1807, doi:10.5194/acp-10-1789-2010.
Macke, A., Kalisch, J., and Hollmann, R.., 2010:
Validation of downward surface radiation derived from MSG data by in-situ observations over the Atlantic ocean,
Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 19(2), 155-167
Reuter, M., Thomas, W., Mieruch, S., and Hollmann, R.., 2010:
A Method for Estimating the Sampling Error Applied to CM-SAF Monthly Mean Cloud Fractional Cover Data Retrieved From
MSG SEVIRI, Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on , 48(6), 2469-2481,
doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2010.2041240.
Riihelä, A., Laine, V., Manninen, T., Palo, T., and Vihma, T., 2010:
Validation of the Climate-SAF surface broadband albedo product: Comparisons with in situ observations over Greenland and
the ice-covered Arctic Ocean, Remote Sensing of Environment, 114(11), 2779-2790, doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2010.06.014.
Wolters, E.L.A., Deneke, H.M., van den Hurk, B.J.J.M., Meirink, J.F., and Roebeling, R.A., 2010:
Broken and inhomogeneous cloud impact on satellite cloud particle effective radius and cloud-phase retrievals, J. Geophys.
Res., 115, D10214, doi: 10.1029/2009JD012205.
Peltoniemi J.I., Manninen T., Suomalainen J., Hakala T., Puttonen E., and Riihelä A., 2010:
Land Surface Albedos Computed from BRF Measurements with a Study of Conversion Formulae. Remote Sensing,
Roujean,J.L., Manninen, T., Sukuvaara, T., Peltoniemi, J., Kaasalainen, S., Hautecoeur, O., Lahtinen, P., Riihelä, A.,
Siljamo, N., Lötjönen, M., Karjalainen, T., Kontu, A., Suokanerva, H., Aulamo, O., Lemmetyinen, J., Suomalainen, J.,
Hakala, T., Kaartinen, H., Thölix, L., Meinander O.and Karhu, J., 2010:
SNORTEX: Remote sensing measurement of snowmelt in European boreal forest, iLEAPS Newsletter Issue No. 9,
April 2010, 56-58.
Bennartz, R. and Schröder, M., 2010:
Convective activity over Africa and the tropical Atlantic inferred from 20 years of geostationary satellite observations.
J. Clim, Vol 25, 156-169.
Deneke, H. M. and Roebeling, R. A., 2010:
Downscaling of METEOSAT SEVIRI 0.6 and 0.8 μm channel radiances utilizing the high-resolution visible channel, Atmos.
Chem. Phys., 10, 9761-9772, doi: 10.5194/acp-10-9761-2010
Romanou, A., Tselioudis, G., Zerefos, C. S., Clayson, C.-A., Curry, J. A., and Andersson, A., 2010:
Evaporation - Precipitation variability over the Mediterranean and the Black Seas from satellite and reanalysis estimates, Journal of
Climate, 23, 5268-5287, doi: 10.1175/2010JCLI3525.1.
Romanova, V., Köhl, A., Stammer, D., Klepp, C., Andersson, A., and Bakan, S., 2010:
Sea surface freshwater flux estimates from GECCO, HOAPS and NCEP, Tellus A, 62(4), 435-452,
doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0870.2010.00447.x.
Related to CM SAF products/data usage
Bennartz, R., Watts, P., Meirink, J. F. and Roebeling, R.., 2010:
Rainwater path in warm clouds derived from combined visible/near-infrared and microwave satellite observations, J. Geophys.
Res., 115, D19120, doi: 10.1029/2009JD013679.
Journèe, M. and Bertrand, C., 2010:
Improving the spatio-temporal distribution of surface solar radiation data by merging ground and satellite measurements, Remote
Sensing of Environment, Volume 114, Issue 11, 2692-2704, doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2010.06.010.
Mieruch, S., Schröder, M., Noël, S. and Schulz, J., 2010:
Comparison of monthly means of global total column water vapor retrieved from independent satellite observations, J. Geophys.
Res., 115, D23310, doi: 10.1029/2010JD013946.
Träger-Chatterjee, C., Müller, R. W., Trentmann, J., and Bendix, J., 2010:
Evaluation of ERA-40 and ERA-interim re-analysis incoming surface shortwave radiation datasets with mesoscale remote sensing
data, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 19 (6), 631 – 640.
Nielsen, K.P., 2010:
Verification of HIRLAM cloud forecasts with MSG cloud physical products, in: HIRLAM Newsletter, 55 part B, pp. 11-17, available

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